Andrea Frank
Ports and Ships



This installation is comprised of a photographic and book object on the ground level, and a series of objects and an audio piece throughout the adjacent basement.

This installation addresses questions of German identity and its legacy of guilt in relation to Germany's Nazi history.

Invitation card: Passport visa scan
with inserted lowered head.


Upstairs installation view.

Eagle, 1997
30 x 40 in.
C-Print on Cut-out Plywood

installation installation
Conversation, 1997
Plexi, vellum, text, steel shelf
5 x 30 x 4 in.
Conversation, 1997, detail

Excerpts from Hitler's Mein Kampf are juxtaposed with excerpts from interviews with my dear late great aunt.
The flexible folding options in this book format allow for multiple combinations of reading.







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before 1945 - respoken - I was 27, 1997
Left: Photograph: 30 x 45 in., C-Print and text
Right: Installation Shot
Audio: 32 min 36 sec.

For this audio piece I re-spoke and recorded my great aunt's answers to my questions about the time after 1945 in Germany. She was 27 at the time. I was 27 when I conducted the interview. The sound of my (German) voice re-speaking her words resonated throughout the basement hallways. The piece addresses the difficulty of reconciling personal accounts from family members about a fraught historical time (specifically the aftermath of the Holocaust) with general historical knowledge about the time.

installation installation

Radiator, 1997
Radiator, Paint, Steam, Light

A radiator transformed to emit steam and painted in the colors of the German flag is installed at the end of a dark hallway. It addresses the internal pressure of a country dealing with a difficult history.

Light Installation.

A powerful light is installed at the entrance to a stairway to a second lower level, rendering the stairs and downstairs almost invisible.

The piece addresses how there are layers of investigation and truth, and the difficulties encountered when digging deeper and deeper


Andrea Frank